Parallel Bible: An Interview with Andrew Breitenberg

Parallel Bible is an exciting new experiment that takes an ancient text and anchors it in day to day experiences through crowd-sourced images. I spoke to co-founder Andrew Breitenberg about the app and their Kickstarter campaign to fund the first printed gospel of Mark in which all of its visual content is sourced by its readers.… Continue reading Parallel Bible: An Interview with Andrew Breitenberg

The Upside of ISIS

You know how sometimes something really horribly grotesque somehow ends up having a positive, unintended byproduct? Like when you see someone who has faced the worst kinds of abuse find their way out the other side. And they’re not just the same person they started out being. They’re stronger. They somehow turn the utter shit-that-should-never-have-happened situation into something that… Continue reading The Upside of ISIS

So Close

Click. I sat glued to my screen, hitting refresh, knowing that in 15 minutes time it would all be over. The last time this happened to me was when we came to the end of our crowd funding campaign last year. We knew that the outcome of the campaign would determine our future: would we… Continue reading So Close

Links: While I’ve Been Away

I thought it might be nice to share some things that have caught my attention during the quiet few months preceding this one. In no particular order, here goes: Fairphone 2 If you, like me, like the idea of owning a phone that hasn’t been made in the harsh conditions of much of today’s technology,… Continue reading Links: While I’ve Been Away

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