Antifragility and Modern Nation States

A voter from Zam Zam Internally Displaced Persons Camp, North Darfur, submits her ballot on the first day of Sudan's national elections.

I’m reading a book at the moment that really has me thinking – Antifragile by Nassim Taleb (as recommended to me by @smn) I’ve found the ideas in the book so engaging that I’m going to write about some of them before I’ve even finished reading it, since I think I’ve got a handle on at least the core of… Continue reading Antifragility and Modern Nation States

Language Hack 4: Use All Your Senses

"Jerusalem kanafeh is a neon orange pastry with a crust of shredded phyllo dough or semolina filled with soft goat cheese and drenched in syrup. It is especially popular during Ramadan."

There are some of us who learn really well directly from books. But most of us are wired to learn experientially: by doing. Although this applies to other spheres, it’s especially true of language learning. Learning a language isn’t just about the words that we’re speaking, but about the whole culture that those words belong to.… Continue reading Language Hack 4: Use All Your Senses

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