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Welcome to Change Writer, a blog about change and about becoming the kind of person who challenges norms and contributes to positive change in the world.


Change Writer is written by me, Jonathan Morgan, a doctoral student and aspiring change maker at Lund University.

For my Master’s thesis, I carried out an ethnographic study on unaccompanied refugee minors who convert to Christianity in Sweden, looking at the ways that they attribute meaning to their conversion processes.

After several years of traveling the world, volunteering with various organizations, my lovely wife Sofia and I decided to move to Malmö, one of the cities in Sweden that have received the most refugees since the Syrian war broke out.

We’re looking for ways to build bridges between the new arrivals and those whose families originate from Sweden.

My writing elsewhere

Choosing Heresy: How Muslim-background Unaccompanied Refugee Minors do identity and belonging in the Church of Sweden (Master’s Thesis)

Perfect Love Casts out Terror (Medium)

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