Month: October 2015

  • Dear Henning (A Tribute To Henning Mankell)

    Dear Henning (A Tribute To Henning Mankell)

    Dear Henning, With the news of your death, today is a sad day for many of us. We devoured your novels, whether the Wallander series, or lesser known works. We revelled in your storytelling, which despite being fictional always felt deeply honest. We were inspired by your actions, how you consistently spoke up against injustice…

  • Stumbling Over My Words

    Stumbling Over My Words

    Learning a new language opens a world of opportunities to experience vulnerability, especially if navigating your every day life depends on it. Just over a year ago, my wife and I relocated to Jordan in order to learn Arabic. In the future we want to work with Syrian refugees, and we know that speaking the…