What does it mean to belong?

There’s a lot of talk these days about belonging: who’s in and who’s out. Everyone seems to have an opinion. No one really knows who gets to decide. For some, it’s the immigrants who don’t belong. They’re the outsiders who should go back to where they come from. For others it’s the racists who don’t… Continue reading What does it mean to belong?

Are you a ________ or merely a consumer of ________ artifacts?

In his wonderful book, You Are What You Love, James K. A. Smith encourages us to reflect on the religious nature of the shopping experience by describing the shopping mall as a place of worship: The layout of this temple has architectural echoes that harken back to medieval cathedrals – mammoth religious spaces designed to… Continue reading Are you a ________ or merely a consumer of ________ artifacts?

There’s a bit of Boris in us all

Back in 1890, a young Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem about Burma. The poem, The Road to Mandalay, was written from the perspective of a British soldier once stationed there. The soldier reminisces about the place, an encounter with a local girl, and describes his surroundings with the kind of paternalistic grandeur of someone who… Continue reading There’s a bit of Boris in us all

The utility of refugees

There are several strands of conversation, or discourse, on the subject of refugees and why they should, or should not be offered the hospitality of our national borders. I find two of them particularly disturbing. First, the idea that refugees are worthy of help because of who they may become. The argument goes something like… Continue reading The utility of refugees

The Psychology of Conflict

It can be so easy to view institutions as unshakeable, fixed perspective, entities. They stand for something that is public and impersonal, something unchangeable. But what if we looked at organisations more as the sum of their individual parts than as an official whole? A few weeks ago I was listening to the wonderful Analysis… Continue reading The Psychology of Conflict

When Values Trump Profits

Like many aspiring writers out there, I’ve read my fair share of “How To Grow Your Readership, Publish A Book, Make A Six¬†Figure Salary And Get Voted President In Just One Year” posts. I’ve done my best to understand how people build platforms and tribes. I’ve memorised mantras like “don’t guest post without making sure… Continue reading When Values Trump Profits

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